Devotional to Freyja 3/25/17

Today I recited my prayer to Lady Freyja strongly and with joy.  I ran out of Her incense, so I offered rose petals instead.  I have had good luck with these as an offering for Lady Freyja in the past.  My rune draw reflected Her acceptance of my offering:

3-25-17 Freyja

The rune on the left is Tiwaz, the rune of Tyr and justice.  The middle rune is Mannaz, the rune of the self.  The rune on the right is Sowilo, Lady Sunna’s rune.  Justice will be done today in some form that will affect me.  I will also be blessed with the gift of the Sun, strength and warmth.

Blessings, Victoria


Devotional to Odin 3/23/17

I did this devotional in the morning.  I said my prayer joyfully and offered Lord Odin bay leaves because of their ability to produce visions.  I connected this with Odin’s vision of the runes while he hung on Yggdrasil.  However, I’m not sure it was well received based on my rune draw, which was:

3-23-17 Odin

The rune on the left is Perthro, the rune of fate.  The rune in the middle is Isa, the ice rune.  The rune on the right is Kenaz, torch (or ulcer depending on which rune poem you look at).  This draw seems really random, which leads to my thinking that the bay leaves weren’t well received.  Perhaps burning them as incense would produce better results, or I could always fall back on beer.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Sunna 3/19/17

Today I did my devotional in the afternoon, after getting chores done around the house.  I held my Sunna prayer card in one hand and held my other hand above my head as I read the prayer.  My voice came out joyful and strong.

After I asked the question, “What blessings does Lady Sunna give me today?” I drew the runes:

3-19-17 Sunna

The rune on the left is Wunjo, the joy rune.  The middle rune is Ingwaz, the rune of Ing or Freyr (the Norse fertility God).  The rune on the right is Perthro, the rune of chance.  This draw says that I will experience joy and fertility (or perhaps creativity), but the rest is unknown and left to fate.

Hail Sunna!

Blessings, Victoria

First Oath rite, 3/18/17

I am reworking ADF’s Dedicant Path, even though I know I won’t get any credit for it.  I feel it will help me deepen my spirituality by encouraging regular ritual and nature observance, and helping me get back to full rituals for each holiday.  The First Oath is an optional part of the DP that allows the student to oath that she is going to keep on the Pagan path and to keep growing and learning.  Even though I already did this several years ago, it felt good to get back to my First Oath and remind myself of what it was.

I used the “Simple Self Blessing Ritual and First Oathing” from Michael Dangler’s The ADF Dedicant’s Path Through the Wheel of the Year.  I did this ritual with my husband, who called to the Ancestors and Gatekeeper.  I spoke the rest of the parts.  Offerings were beer for everyone.  I lit a stick of cinnamon incense from the Fire to consecrate the altar.  I also sprinkled the altar with water from the Well.  My husband had water for his Waters of Life while I had beer.

Our Omen was Eihwaz, the yew rune, Algiz, the elk rune, and Wunjo, the joy rune.  Eihwaz to me represents spirituality, while Algiz speaks of protection.  I believe the Omen is saying that by working on my spirituality, I will receive protection and joy from the Kindreds.

I felt that there was definitely a more “spiritual” atmosphere than I have felt in previous rites, but perhaps that was because of my husband.  When I did the DP the first time around, he did rituals with me.  We got away from doing ritual together for a couple years, and only today did we start the practice up again.  All in all, I am happy with the ritual even though it was simple.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Sunna, 3/12/17

Today I did my devotional after lunch.  I held my free hand up to the sky while the other held my prayer card.  I said my prayer joyfully and strongly.  After lighting a stick of incense in offering, I asked, “What blessings does Lady Sunna offer me today?”

Here was Her response:

3-12-17 Sunna

The rune on the left is Raidho, the journey rune.  It tells of literal and metaphorical journeys.  The middle rune is Isa, the ice rune.  It can refer to literal ice or the qualities of ice–beauty and danger.  The rune on the right is Algiz, the elk rune.  It generally speaks of protection.  Overall these runes are telling me that I am about to embark on a journey but I need to be careful, though I will have protection.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Freyja 3/11/17

Since I had fallen asleep early yesterday due to illness, I did my devotional to Lady Freyja first thing this morning after I got up.  I first lit Her candle before praying to Her this prayer.  I then lit a stick of incense made especially for Her from the candle before placing it in the holder.  It felt good to pray to Lady Freyja first thing (even before my coffee).  I may try to get up slightly earlier during the week to perform my devotionals in the morning instead of in the evening after work.  (Note:  I do perform Lady Sunna’s devotional in the morning on Sundays before I go to my Unitarian Universalist church service.)  After I lit Her incense, I asked Her what blessings I would receive today.

Here was Lady Freyja’s answer:


The rune on the left is Hagalaz, the hail rune.  It speaks of destruction and challenges that must be overcome.  The middle rune is Sowilo, the sun rune.  It speaks of strength and confidence.  The rune on the right is Uruz, which is the aurochs or bull.  It tells of the strength to manifest ideas in the real world.  Taken all together, Lady Freyja says that I will face a challenge but will have the strength to overcome it.  I’m not exactly sure what Uruz refers to.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Odin 3/8/17

For this devotional, I said this prayer and offered Lord Odin beer instead of incense.  The scent of Odin’s incense bothers my husband.  It still seemed to be well received, though.  I asked, “What blessings does Lord Odin offer me today?”

Here’s the draw:


The rune on the left is Gebo, gift.  This is an indication that my offering was well received.  The rune in the middle is Dagaz, day.  This is the rune of new beginnings.  The rune on the right is Kenaz, torch (although it can also mean ulcer).  This rune speaks of light and warmth.  All together, I think this draw is saying that I have a bright future ahead of me.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Sunna 3/5/17

This morning, shortly after I had breakfast, I honored Lady Sunna.  I raised my hands above my head today and spoke Her prayer in a loud and clear voice.  I was happy to praise Her on this bright and sunny morning.  I then lit Her incense in offering.

While stirring my runes in my bag, I asked, “What blessings does Lady Sunna offer me today?”

Here’s my response:


The rune on the left is Sowilo, the rune of the Sun and Lady Sunna Herself!  Getting this rune for Her devotional is a very good omen.  The middle rune is Uruz, the rune of the aurochs (the bull).  Uruz speaks of strength and manifestation.  The rune on the right is Mannaz, the rune of humanity and the self.  Lady Sunna is telling me that something will manifest for me in the near future, perhaps a dream or a goal.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Freyja 3/3/17

I didn’t actually do this devotional on Friday.  I was tired and so I had gone to bed, but woke up a little after midnight today (Saturday) and decided to do devotional (which actually helped me sleep).

Lady Freyja was my first Patron, so this devotional could be seen as the most crucial, though they are all important to me.

I lit Lady Freyja’s candle in Her special candle holder before saying this prayer:

Hail to the Lady of amber.  Hail to the Lady of steel.  Hail to the Lady of passion, Bringer of luck, Bestower of wealth.  You are the envy of all the Gods, the treasure of the nine sacred worlds.  Freya, mighty and magnificent, We praise Your name with our Passions.  Ignite within us an awareness of our own creative fire.  Ignite within us hunger, to burn through the pale shadows of our lives and to find integrity:  in all we do, in all we dream, in all we are.  Bless us, Freya, Lady of the Vanir, and we shall hail You, always.

(prayer by Galina Krasskova)

I then lit a stick of Freyja incense (again from the same shop) from Her candle as an offering.  While stirring my runes in my bag, I asked, “What blessings does Lady Freyja offer me?”

These were the runes I drew:


The rune on the left is Raidho, the journey rune.  The middle rune is Eihwaz, the yew rune.  This rune represents Yggdrasil, the World Tree.  The rune on the right is Gebo, the gift rune.  This rune speaks of reciprocity and hospitality.  All together, I think these runes are saying that I will soon be embarking on a journey of a spiritual nature.  Gebo usually says to me that my offerings are accepted, so Lady Freyja appreciated the incense.

Hail Freyja!

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Odin, 3/1/17

Apologies for the late post.  I’ve been busy the last few days.

Wednesday I did my devotional to Lord Odin, since the day is named for Him.  I sat down in front of my altar and said this prayer:

All-Father, I ask Your blessings.

Breathe into me,

oh God of gainful counsel.

Nourish me, Wish-Giver,

that I might know you more fully and well.

I hail You, God of wisdom, cunning and inspiration.

I hail You, ruthless in Your desires.

I hail You, God of single-minded hunger.

Be welcome in my life, my heart, my home.

Master of the Tree, I sacrifice to You:

my fears, my doubts, my hesitations.

Open me up to the knowledge of things holy.

Wisest Lord, open me up to You.

I will seek You with the fervor

with which You sought the runes.

Always will I honor You.

Be my mead, be my joy,

be the prize at the end of my seeking.

Hail, Odin, Hail All Father,

Hail, Lord of Hosts.

(prayer by Galina Krasskova)

I lit a stick of Odin incense from an Etsy shop that no longer exists (which is a shame because the incense is really good) as an offering.  Then I drew runes in response to the question, “What blessings does Lord Odin offer me?”

Here was my draw:


The rune on the left is Laguz, the water rune.  Laguz I tend to interpret literally as water, but it could also be referring to intuition and the subconscious.  The middle rune is Thurisaz, the rune of Thor.  I’m not sure why I drew Thor’s rune in asking for wisdom from Odin, but so it is.  Thurisaz is a rune of protection and offensive and defensive balance.  The final rune on the right, Jera, is the year/harvest rune.  All together I think this draw is telling me to pay attention to my subconscious as it might foresee a situation that will require some sort of protection.  Jera speaks of hard work finally coming to fruition, which doesn’t seem to match the other two runes.

Hail Odin!

Blessings, Victoria