Devotional to Freyja 3/11/17

Since I had fallen asleep early yesterday due to illness, I did my devotional to Lady Freyja first thing this morning after I got up.  I first lit Her candle before praying to Her this prayer.  I then lit a stick of incense made especially for Her from the candle before placing it in the holder.  It felt good to pray to Lady Freyja first thing (even before my coffee).  I may try to get up slightly earlier during the week to perform my devotionals in the morning instead of in the evening after work.  (Note:  I do perform Lady Sunna’s devotional in the morning on Sundays before I go to my Unitarian Universalist church service.)  After I lit Her incense, I asked Her what blessings I would receive today.

Here was Lady Freyja’s answer:


The rune on the left is Hagalaz, the hail rune.  It speaks of destruction and challenges that must be overcome.  The middle rune is Sowilo, the sun rune.  It speaks of strength and confidence.  The rune on the right is Uruz, which is the aurochs or bull.  It tells of the strength to manifest ideas in the real world.  Taken all together, Lady Freyja says that I will face a challenge but will have the strength to overcome it.  I’m not exactly sure what Uruz refers to.

Blessings, Victoria


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