Devotional to Sunna 2/26/17

I’ve been trying to get into a better habit of doing more regular ritual and devotionals.  I’ve decided to do devotionals to Sunna every Sunday, Odin every Wednesday, and Freyja every Friday.  I will perform full ADF ritual once a month on the full moon.

Today was the first Sunday for my new ritual schedule.  After breakfast, I honored Sunna by reciting this prayer:

Hail the rising of the Sun.

Great Goddess, Bestower of all good things,

shining brightly You traverse the heavens

driving back the blanket of night.

Mighty Sunna, be my pace-setter.

Help me to structure my day rightly,

with time to work, and play, and pray.

Let me not lose myself in the hammering call

of all that has to be done.

Help me to follow Your rhythms,

for You are wise and practical

and Your presence blesses us all.

Hail Sunna.

(Prayer by Galina Krasskova)

I lit a stick of Sunna incense from an Etsy shop that no longer exists.  Then I drew three runes, asking, “What blessings does Lady Sunna have for me this day?”

This was my result:


The rune on the left is Isa, the ice rune.  It speaks of beauty and danger.  The middle rune is Dagaz, the day rune.  It speaks of new beginnings.  The rune on the right is Tiwaz, the rune of Tyr.  It speaks of justice and strength.

All together, I would say that if I can manage the danger foretold by Isa, I will have a new beginning that will bring strength.

Hail Sunna!

Blessings, Victoria


How Shall I Overcome? by Rev. Ken Collier

Part of the ugliness of my heart is ugliness of the clear cut forest.

Part of the fear in my heart is the fear in the heart of the ghetto.

Part of the anger in my heart is the anger in the heart of the abused child.

The ignorance and sloth and greed in the world is reflected in my heart.

And how shall I heal?

How shall I overcome these things in my heart if I do not work to overcome them in the world?

How shall I approach the gods if I turn from their appearance in the world, even in the person of the the least of these, my brothers and sisters all around me?

How shall I overcome?

What Do I Believe?

Here’s a snapshot of what I believe, and things to keep in mind as a reader of this blog.

  • I believe in the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism. (You can read these here.)
  • I believe that magic is real and can be used for change both good and bad.
  • I believe that multiple Gods and Goddesses exist, each with their own distinct personalities (commonly referred to as hard polytheism), and that they are both within the world and beyond it (a theological perspective known as panentheism).
  • I believe in faeries and other spirits of nature that can be perceived in various ways.
  • I believe the Ancestors are important beings that deserve respect and veneration, as they have gifts for us.
  • I believe in the notion of an “Otherworld” where spiritual beings reside and perhaps interact.
  • I acknowledge the cycle of death and rebirth of all living things.
  • I acknowledge and celebrate the eight Pagan holidays throughout the year as important markers in the Earth’s seasonal cycle.
  • I acknowledge the reality of climate change, and feel that as a Pagan, I must do my part to help the Earth.
  • I don’t believe in the concept of original sin.  I believe that we are each born as intended, which must be celebrated.

If have any questions about my beliefs (or non-beliefs), please feel free to ask in the comments below.  However, please do not try to convert me to your own belief system; we each must respect others’ views.

Blessings, Victoria

Blessed Autumn Equinox and Welcome!

Flame of fire, spark of the universe that warmed our ancestral hearth–agent of life and death, symbol of truth and freedom.  We strive to understand ourselves and our earthly home.

–from the UU hymnal Singing the Living Tradition

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Chalice Fire of the Gods.  The text above is a chalice lighting from the hymnal Singing the Living Tradition that I use at the beginning of the rituals I host for my local Unitarian Universalist church.  I have been a member there for almost two years.  I am very active in my church because it has given me a spiritual home where I can be free to express my Pagan spirituality while also focusing on social justice issues, such as food insecurity, gender equality, and racial justice.  I have been a worship associate at church since May of this year, and performed my first sermon, which was about altars and sacred space, in July.  This blog, Chalice Fire of the Gods, is going to be about my thoughts on various UU and Pagan topics, how each part of my spirituality informs the other, and my experiences hosting Pagan holiday rituals and being a worship associate at my local UU church.

Today is the day of the Autumn Equinox, the time of the year when Earth Mother stands halfway between light and dark, day and night.  This is a good reminder to seek balance in our lives through ritual, meditation, and other means.  We are also gathering up the last of the fruits and vegetables from our gardens and from the fields to feed ourselves and our families through the winter.  Earth Mother is dying in one last burst of color on the trees and in the fallen leaves on the ground.  I feel it is important at this time of year to realize that the fruits and vegetables we eat are living until we pick them from the trees, stalks, vines, or other plants.  They sacrifice their lives so that we may live.  This is the time of year when I am most aware of the cycle of death and rebirth.

I celebrated today by simply saying a prayer and lighting a candle.  I hosted an Equinox ritual for the church Sunday, after service.  I may still decide to do a short divination using the Earth Magic Oracle cards to find out what is in store for me and what to focus on until Samhain, which is October 31.  May you all be blessed with abundance this Equinox.

Autumn blessings, Victoria