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Devotional to Freyja 3/25/17

Today I recited my prayer to Lady Freyja strongly and with joy.  I ran out of Her incense, so I offered rose petals instead.  I have had good luck with these as an offering for Lady Freyja in the past.  My rune draw reflected Her acceptance of my offering:

3-25-17 Freyja

The rune on the left is Tiwaz, the rune of Tyr and justice.  The middle rune is Mannaz, the rune of the self.  The rune on the right is Sowilo, Lady Sunna’s rune.  Justice will be done today in some form that will affect me.  I will also be blessed with the gift of the Sun, strength and warmth.

Blessings, Victoria


Devotional to Freyja 3/11/17

Since I had fallen asleep early yesterday due to illness, I did my devotional to Lady Freyja first thing this morning after I got up.  I first lit Her candle before praying to Her this prayer.  I then lit a stick of incense made especially for Her from the candle before placing it in the holder.  It felt good to pray to Lady Freyja first thing (even before my coffee).  I may try to get up slightly earlier during the week to perform my devotionals in the morning instead of in the evening after work.  (Note:  I do perform Lady Sunna’s devotional in the morning on Sundays before I go to my Unitarian Universalist church service.)  After I lit Her incense, I asked Her what blessings I would receive today.

Here was Lady Freyja’s answer:


The rune on the left is Hagalaz, the hail rune.  It speaks of destruction and challenges that must be overcome.  The middle rune is Sowilo, the sun rune.  It speaks of strength and confidence.  The rune on the right is Uruz, which is the aurochs or bull.  It tells of the strength to manifest ideas in the real world.  Taken all together, Lady Freyja says that I will face a challenge but will have the strength to overcome it.  I’m not exactly sure what Uruz refers to.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Freyja 3/3/17

I didn’t actually do this devotional on Friday.  I was tired and so I had gone to bed, but woke up a little after midnight today (Saturday) and decided to do devotional (which actually helped me sleep).

Lady Freyja was my first Patron, so this devotional could be seen as the most crucial, though they are all important to me.

I lit Lady Freyja’s candle in Her special candle holder before saying this prayer:

Hail to the Lady of amber.  Hail to the Lady of steel.  Hail to the Lady of passion, Bringer of luck, Bestower of wealth.  You are the envy of all the Gods, the treasure of the nine sacred worlds.  Freya, mighty and magnificent, We praise Your name with our Passions.  Ignite within us an awareness of our own creative fire.  Ignite within us hunger, to burn through the pale shadows of our lives and to find integrity:  in all we do, in all we dream, in all we are.  Bless us, Freya, Lady of the Vanir, and we shall hail You, always.

(prayer by Galina Krasskova)

I then lit a stick of Freyja incense (again from the same shop) from Her candle as an offering.  While stirring my runes in my bag, I asked, “What blessings does Lady Freyja offer me?”

These were the runes I drew:


The rune on the left is Raidho, the journey rune.  The middle rune is Eihwaz, the yew rune.  This rune represents Yggdrasil, the World Tree.  The rune on the right is Gebo, the gift rune.  This rune speaks of reciprocity and hospitality.  All together, I think these runes are saying that I will soon be embarking on a journey of a spiritual nature.  Gebo usually says to me that my offerings are accepted, so Lady Freyja appreciated the incense.

Hail Freyja!

Blessings, Victoria