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Devotional to Odin 3/23/17

I did this devotional in the morning.  I said my prayer joyfully and offered Lord Odin bay leaves because of their ability to produce visions.  I connected this with Odin’s vision of the runes while he hung on Yggdrasil.  However, I’m not sure it was well received based on my rune draw, which was:

3-23-17 Odin

The rune on the left is Perthro, the rune of fate.  The rune in the middle is Isa, the ice rune.  The rune on the right is Kenaz, torch (or ulcer depending on which rune poem you look at).  This draw seems really random, which leads to my thinking that the bay leaves weren’t well received.  Perhaps burning them as incense would produce better results, or I could always fall back on beer.

Blessings, Victoria


Devotional to Odin 3/8/17

For this devotional, I said this prayer and offered Lord Odin beer instead of incense.  The scent of Odin’s incense bothers my husband.  It still seemed to be well received, though.  I asked, “What blessings does Lord Odin offer me today?”

Here’s the draw:


The rune on the left is Gebo, gift.  This is an indication that my offering was well received.  The rune in the middle is Dagaz, day.  This is the rune of new beginnings.  The rune on the right is Kenaz, torch (although it can also mean ulcer).  This rune speaks of light and warmth.  All together, I think this draw is saying that I have a bright future ahead of me.

Blessings, Victoria

Devotional to Odin, 3/1/17

Apologies for the late post.  I’ve been busy the last few days.

Wednesday I did my devotional to Lord Odin, since the day is named for Him.  I sat down in front of my altar and said this prayer:

All-Father, I ask Your blessings.

Breathe into me,

oh God of gainful counsel.

Nourish me, Wish-Giver,

that I might know you more fully and well.

I hail You, God of wisdom, cunning and inspiration.

I hail You, ruthless in Your desires.

I hail You, God of single-minded hunger.

Be welcome in my life, my heart, my home.

Master of the Tree, I sacrifice to You:

my fears, my doubts, my hesitations.

Open me up to the knowledge of things holy.

Wisest Lord, open me up to You.

I will seek You with the fervor

with which You sought the runes.

Always will I honor You.

Be my mead, be my joy,

be the prize at the end of my seeking.

Hail, Odin, Hail All Father,

Hail, Lord of Hosts.

(prayer by Galina Krasskova)

I lit a stick of Odin incense from an Etsy shop that no longer exists (which is a shame because the incense is really good) as an offering.  Then I drew runes in response to the question, “What blessings does Lord Odin offer me?”

Here was my draw:


The rune on the left is Laguz, the water rune.  Laguz I tend to interpret literally as water, but it could also be referring to intuition and the subconscious.  The middle rune is Thurisaz, the rune of Thor.  I’m not sure why I drew Thor’s rune in asking for wisdom from Odin, but so it is.  Thurisaz is a rune of protection and offensive and defensive balance.  The final rune on the right, Jera, is the year/harvest rune.  All together I think this draw is telling me to pay attention to my subconscious as it might foresee a situation that will require some sort of protection.  Jera speaks of hard work finally coming to fruition, which doesn’t seem to match the other two runes.

Hail Odin!

Blessings, Victoria